Mother’s Day Brunches in Brooklyn

By LaTonya Staubs Mother’s Day is May 13.  Before you head out for the day to enjoy the sun, why not  head out for a delicious family brunch, and enjoy celebrating the day dedicated to us.  Happy Mother’s Day Mamas!

Pattern Wizardry: Brooklyn Children’s Museum Newest Exhibit

By LaTonya Staubs When you visit The Brooklyn Children’s Museum, you can always expect to have a fun time. So when we decided to make a special visit to see the new Pattern Wizardry Exhibit that opened on March 27th, we had high expectations. Once again, The Brooklyn Children’s Museum did not disappoint!

Arts and Crafts Birthdays in Brooklyn

by LaTonya Staubs What child doesn’t like getting their hands a bit dirty? And what parent doesn’t want their little one to use their imagination, and tiny hands to create something special? Combine this with an upcoming birthday and you have the makings of an awesome time! Birthday parties don’t have to be boring. So […]

Idlewild Books – Foreign Language Bookstore and Kid’s Languages Classes

By LaTonya Staubs On a lovely Saturday afternoon, I decided to pop River Mae in the Ergo, and take a nice bus ride to Cobble hill to visit the newly opened location of  Idlewild Books. Firstly, the area in general makes you feel like you want to grab a much needed coffee, and take a leisurely […]

Valentine’s Day in Brooklyn – Chocolates Treats for You and Your Loved Ones

By LaTonya Staubs Happy Valentine’s Day! This day is always full with of hugs, kisses, and of course the ever yet tempting, chocolate. Let’s face it; Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without chocolate. Some of us get it from our partners, some of us give it to our children, and some of us are […]

Outdoor Activities in Brooklyn

by LaTonya Staubs Is it really Winter? Well of course, but lately it sure doesn’t feel like it. With temperatures ranging from upper 40s to even reaching the 60s, Brooklyn is certainly feeling a little like Spring. Like many of my momma friends, I have welcomed this unusual weather with open arms. With River Mae […]

Party Supply Stores in Brooklyn

By LaTonya Staubs Last Saturday I embarked on what might of been the biggest milestone in any parents life…the first birthday party! I ambitiously, only allowed myself two weeks of planning, buying, and organizing for the big shin dig. As I frantically asked my local parents for advice on party stores, DIY ideas, and entertainment […]

Review: Caribou Baby – The Rocking Chair Music Series

By LaTonya Staubs If you are looking for a all around good shop, that is home to high-quality necessities, that hosts plenty of events that not only motivate you as a parent but inspires you to grow with your child, and encourages you to meet new parents, then Caribou Baby is a great place to […]

Brooklyn Bowling Lanes: A Fun Family Activity

By LaTonya Staubs When I used to think about bowling, the first thought used to be…umm boring! But then I went, and I kept on going, and going, and then I realized I had never experienced this kind of fun..the kind of fun, where you don’t even notice you’re laughing, because you are laughing so […]

Parents and Babies Matinees at Nighthawk Cinemas

by LaTonya Staubs The first time I heard about Parents and Babies Matinees, I was quite excited. Then I thought about the unlikely possibility that my little would be quiet, and that I probably would be kicked out of the theater because of an unexpected tantrum, that thought alone made me second guess my attendance. […]