5 Tips to Hiring a Birthday Photographer

(Photo Credit: Bellamy Blue Photography)

Every parent knows that birthday parties are filled with a thousand tasks just to  keep the party running smoothly. So on top of all the little details, who wants the added pressure of having to  take great photographs  to memorialize the day. Why not hire a wonderful photographer to capture those special moments and enjoy the party!

Erin and Erica, co-owners and photographers of Bellamy Blue Photography knows how important it is to capture all of the special moments of your child’s birthday party.

Here are Bellamy Blue‘s five tips to hiring the perfect photographer for the big day:

1. Choosing a Photographer- When hiring a photographer for your little one’s big day, consider a photographer who not only makes your children feel comfortable and fits in your budget but also bundles products so you can enjoy all the fantastic photographs of the party while saving big. Bellamy Blue’s birthday party collections bundle party coverage (both still photography & video) with products such as commerative DVD slideshows, albums, and social networking photos so you can enjoy and share the big day with family and friends for years to come.

(Photo Credit: Bellamy Blue Photography)

2. Multimedia Capture – Hire a photographer who uses multimedia as well as photography. This allows you to have a slideshow with music or edited video of the party as well as photography to share. This is a really great way to capture the active moments of blowing out the candles and cutting the cake!

3. Custom Photo URL Cards- Bellamy Blue provides Custom Photo URL cards – making it easy and fun for guests to view all the photos after the big party. They also make adorable decorations on snack tables and additions in the gift bags for the guests!

4. Plan ahead so you can enjoy the big day with your little one - Leading up to the party give your photographer an overview of your expectations and a timeline of the most important moments you want captured. This way you can feel confident they are going to cover everything you want and you can enjoy the party! Also introduce the photographer when he/she arrives to key guests so they can make sure to capture everyone and everything that you find important.


5. Capture the details before the teeny tiny ones arrive – Make sure your photographer arrives 30 minutes early so he/she can capture all small details of love and care that have gone into the decorations of the party before the little ones arrive to play! This is also gives the photographer a few minutes to have fun and get creative with the decorations and interior shots.

6. Make time for Portraits- It’s not too often everyone gets together to celebrate so we always recommend hiring a photographer who can capture the playful candids and take great family portraits. Find time before the party starts when everyone is fresh and at their best to capture portraits of your family with your little guest of honor!

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