Coolest New Class in Brooklyn for Kids – Junior Roller Derby

Roller derby is no longer only for the tough, kick ass women of the Gotham Girls but for little girls as well with the inclusion of a Junior Derby League. 


Gotham Girls Roller Derby has formed a Junior League for girls ages 8-17 who are interested in learning roller derby skills and you should scoot your little girls down to sign up. The new league is based in Bushwick and aimed at all skill levels so this is a great opportunity to get your kids some cool roller skillz. Kids who are just starting out do need to know a few basics like comfortably standing on roller skates and making it around the track without holding on to the walls or other people but as the course progresses they are sure to pick up more know how.

All new skaters in the Junior League start off in a 10 week “Basic & Beginners” session that starts by covering basic skating forms and then move into more in depth tactics such as partnerships. Coaches of the Junior League are veteran Gotham Girl skaters and league coaches most with impressive coaching experience. The Junior League will also have at least one CPR certified coach or league member available at each class which can set your nervous mind at ease when sending your girl into learn the basics.


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To find out more visit the Junior League page of the GGRD website.


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