Discover Little France in Brooklyn

My family has spent the past two summers in France and despite it’s sometimes stuffy flaws, I long to be back there every year. The summer fetes (celebrations), nightly games of Boule (french game), local food, and general smell of the air can make anyone fall in love. Why suffer without a piece of France throughout the year? I thought… so I set out to find a little bit of French in Brooklyn…


French Neighborhood

If you are looking to get away from New York and into the French spirit then Carroll Gardens is the neighborhood to visit. Not only is there the highest French population in the city but there are French businesses, shops, patisseries, and more.


French Schools

There are several French immersion schools popping up in Brooklyn. PS 58 The Carroll, Greenpoint’s PS 110, and the International School of Brooklyn to name a few.


French Food

Forget the French restaurants and pastry shops, lets talk about pates, duck confit in a can, and fresh baguette. These morsels are hard to find and we are still on the hunt for a good Brooklyn source for authentic French groceries.

The French NEVER have coffee on the go so if you are feeling like a Parisian then have a seat at one of Le Gamin’s Brooklyn Cafes and sip a hot drink and read a book.


French Sports

Petanque is a classic French pastime that involves hurling heavy metal balls at one another typically while drinking. Also called Boule, you will find courts in parks all over France. The New York Petanque Club has its own court in Brooklyn that hold Summer tournaments in Prospect Park.

Brooklyn Boule also organizes games in Mcarren Park two times per week. Check their facebook page for info


This post is dedicated to Mei Lai who left Brooklyn for France last year.

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3 thoughts on “Discover Little France in Brooklyn

  1. Bu

    I was just wondering if there was such a thing as “Little France” in NYC, and lo and behold, I found your blog post. I would love to know where I can go to buy several pounds of skinned fresh frogs legs. I’ll settle for frozen if I have to, but I’d prefer fresh. Thank you for any advice!

  2. Maria Adcock

    That is a GREAT question! in NYC frogs legs are typically sold in Chinatown (Mulberry Street or near the Baxter area) I have spent a lot of time in France but frogs legs and canned duck confit seem to be scarce here in NYC. I get my canned confit at Dean & Deluca in SOHO and it reminds me of Paris.

  3. Michelle

    I am always looking for an interesting field trip for my middle school French students. Would you suggest a trip to Little France? I would be bringing in a large number of students between 80-90.

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