The Sugar Shop- A Sweet Spot in Brooklyn

Sugar Shop Brooklyn BagsBy:Virginia Gudiel

The Sugar Shop located in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn has the look of the candy store of olde, totally vintage and retro. Candy lovers will love the huge assortment of nostalgic and modern candy.

I myself felt like a big kid in the candy store! Aside from the countless variety of treats from favorites like Clark Bars and Tootsie Rolls  to jarred candySugar Shop Brooklyn - Candy in Jars by the pound to jelly beans,  everyone will find the right candy for them. I am pretty sure your kids will have a blast picking out a sweet treat at this shop.


And to celebrate your sweet tooth for the big day, The  Sugar Shop has a room available for parties! The birthday party packages start off at $500,but they offer a lot for the price. The space is also available for babyshowers and other events you may want to have. The space is super cute and decked out in candy decor!

The Sugar Shop is definitely a sweet spot to check out!


Where: 254 Baltic Street Brooklyn,NY
Phone: 718-576-3591
Facebook: Sugar Shop

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2 thoughts on “The Sugar Shop- A Sweet Spot in Brooklyn

  1. meeme

    Why, oh why would anyone want to open something like this that offers completely unhealthy candy for kids? This is deplorable.

    Parents, why do you want your kids to eat this sugar? There is nothing healthy in this candy and it all screams temptation. Great way to get good habits going. I am disgusted by these owners’ willingness to capitalize on feeding kids sugar. Shame on the owners. I will not patronize this place no matter how cute and nice the it all looks. Very disappointing in every way.

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