Coney Island: Land of the Forgotten After Sandy

Seagate Beach Club on Coney Island (Karen Cofresi/Facebook)

The Coney Island projects have been forgotten in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, this according to Daniel Marans, who eloquently describes the situation in this piece for Huffington Post, where he speaks with Occupy Sandy volunteer Eric Moed.

“The situation in public housing projects in Coney Island, Brooklyn remains a “humanitarian crisis” in which the government and the Red Cross have been nearly completely absent, according to Eric Moed, a volunteer aid worker with Occupy Sandy.

Friday is Moed’s fifth day volunteering with Occupy Sandy, an ad hoc hurricane relief group formed by former Occupy Wall Street activists. Moed, an architect from Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill neighborhood, goes door to door in the 30-40 public housing buildings in the Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn to distribute food, water and supplies, and help address sanitation and medical needs. The projects in Coney Island remain without power, and often without water and necessities in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Accounts of these conditions have been corroborated in the New York Daily News.”

To continue reading the article, visit Occupy Sandy Volunteer Sounds Alarm on ‘Humanitarian Crisis,’ Near-Complete Absence of Government Aid in Coney Island Projects


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