Greenpoint Chess Club

Is your child a chess player? Town Square is introducing the Greenpoint Chess Club, a club where kids aged 6-10 can meet, play chess, and learn to improve their game. While The Greenpoint Chess Club’s mission is that the kids have fun and improve their chess play, their ultimate goal is that the kids will go to group tournaments that are held across the city.

Greenpoint Chess Club
If you have a child who knows the fundamentals and enjoys the game, is an advanced beginner or is an intermediate level player – then consider joining the small group that is being formed. The Chess Club will have  a coach and will have a rotating schedule of parental supervision.

When: Sunday afternoons
How long: 90 minute session
Cost: $100 fee for the half year (which comes out to about $5 per session!). This will go to pay for the coach, supplies, etc.
Registration: Debbie at 917.957.1714 or deborahfeiner(at) gmail (dot) com. Provide your child’s name, age, grade, school attended, and level of play (i.e. beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate, etc) and whether they play chess at school or in competitions in your email.
Space is limited: The Chess Club has space for 16 kids and to date, 8 kids have expressed interest so don’t wait to find out more or register.

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