Kid -Friendly Activities in Williamsburg and Greenpoint


From Williamsburg to Greenpoint, you can’t help but keep you and your little one’s week packed with cheap and even free events.  With the winter coming, for most parents the goal is to find places that our children can have fun, but more importantly that keeps us cozy and warm.

Here are 5 hip and happening things to do in Williamsburg and Greenpoint neighborhoods.  So grab your little one, its time to explore!


Play is located smack down on the border of the very hip, baby booming Williamsburg and Greenpoint Brooklyn. Play, not surprisingly makes you feel like your right at home, well,  not quite, since many of us can only dream about having a 1,000 square foot open space, specifically made for our children’s explorations.

Play is the brainchild of Katja and Wade, real life parents to twins Phoenix and Nola. Upon entering Play, you are greeted with freshly made hot coffee for those parents who need that morning or afternoon pick me up, also sweet treats for your little one, which they usually do not notice until exiting (now that’s sweet!). With a shoe-less rule, mural walls, catchy tunes, and toys galore, Play is the place for parents and caregivers to relax, and for babies and kids to play!

Play is located at 33 Nassau Street
Phone:  718.387.2071
Hours: Monday-Friday 9am to 6pm, and Saturday-Sunday 10am to 4pm.
Visit playspacenyc to check out their class schedule, events, birthday party themes and much more. Not ready to commit or your schedule doesn’t allow you to come on  a consistent, you can just drop in for $10 fee.


With a name like PeachFrog, you can expect you and your kids are bound to have tons of fun in this retail therapy. The New York Times described it as “therapy for overspenders” and I couldn’t agree more! Most of us find it incredibly hard to shop for our kids, let alone ourselves without having a wrestling match with our kids in the middle of the aisles. It seems as if the owners had this exact thought in mind when creating this place. On a regular day you are greeted by the stores mascot Hei-Hei. Hei-Hei is by far the nicest dog in Williambsurg, he sits quietly waiting and most likely expecting you and your child to pet him. With a wag of the tail you are instantly welcomed.

In this shop, you will find everything from your next date night shoes to your new 600 thread count bed sheets. A large baby section awaits you in the back, filled with organic Egg baby clothes for boys and girls, for half the price! You can even appease yourself and walk a block over to Mini Jake’s; there you’ll find the same exact item… for double the price, of course! The ex egg roll ovens in this remodeled egg factory serve as fitting rooms. These fitting rooms are decked out with steel frames for walls, handmade curtains, and a large chair, perfect for a diaper change and feeding!  At Peachfrog,  you will find everything you need, all up to 90% off. Oh, and don’t forget to grab the free chocolate and candy on you way out!

Peachfrog is located 136 N. 10th Street
Hours: Monday-Friday 12pm to 9pm, and Saturday-Sunday 11am-8pm


Monika’s Pilates

What mom doesn’t want to lose that baby weight? Monika, a certified Pilates instructor for over 15 years, makes tightening up your mid section enjoyable and easy. At 10am every Sunday morning (weather permitting) in McCarren Park, you’ll catch Monika standing in front of about six or so women, teaching them new and helpful techniques on how to get their pre-baby bod back. This is not like every other Pilates class, there are always a few others in attendance, babies! Monika, a new momma herself offers this class specifically to mothers. The babies play and explore the grass on a blanket, while you break a sweat. Not only does Monika make you feel comfortable with yourself and your baby, she also doesn’t damage your pocket. All of her classes are donation based! So, bring a yoga mat, your baby, and a blanket for the little one, and head on over to the south side of the baseball field!


Playtime Brooklyn

Playtime Brooklyn is one of those places that you make sure fits into your schedule every week. Held every Friday from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm at the Greenpoint Reformed Church Hall, you instantly feel right at home. Melanie, a mom herself, donates her time, and energy to this play space for kids and their caregivers.  Mel is not the only one who donates either, local mommas and papas donated most of the toys and supplies that fill this beautifully sun lit hall. When you walk into playtime you can feel the motherly love, everyone exchanging advice, and playing with each other’s baby. With beverages waiting for you, and even a bouncy castle in the back yard, there is fun, conversation, and relaxation to be had. No matter if you have a newborn, a crawler, or a “chase me, I know how to walk mom!” walker, Playtime Brooklyn is where you and your child should be every Friday. With a suggested donation of only $5.00 per visit, you can’t help but enjoy!

Playtime Brooklyn is located at 136 Milton Street.


Flying Squirrel

Chances are if you haven’t heard of Flying Squirrel yet, you soon will. This is the place to go if your trying to get the little one ready for the upcoming season, or just purging from last season. Flying Squirrel makes your life much easier. Instead of doing the tedious post on craigslist to sell your baby items, you can just make an appointment and within days you get some extra cash in your pocket. They sell high end products like Ergo, Polo, and Burberry to name a few. Also, the more affordable brands like Carters, and Fisher price. You’ll find that most of their items are still in great condition, and are in season. The greatest part about this cozy store on 96 N 6th Street is your treated like your baby is the cutest baby on earth! Every customer receives 100% attention from the employees, and even the owner! What parent doesn’t love that? You’ll often find a child reading, or playing with toys in the back corner, while their momma searches the racks for some hidden treasures. If you find yourself pinching pennies, no worries, I’m pretty sure you will still leave this little gem with some goodies for the whole family.

Flying Squirrel is located 96 N. 6th Street
Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am to 7 pm, Friday-Saturday 12pm to 8 pm, and Sunday 12pm to 7pm

By LaTonya Staubs

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