Brooklyn Success Academy Set to Open its Doors in Williamsburg

While the name Eva Moskowitz raises either praise or ire in those familiar with her or her success academies, she seems unconcerned with either reaction.  Mrs. Moskovitz is pushing full steam ahead to make the Brooklyn Success Academy Charter School 1 a beacon on academic success. The school, located in Bedford Stuyvesant, opens this fall, and follows the same successful formula of the other Success Network schools.  Even critics of Moskowitz and her charter schools are forced to admit that her formula is a success and students attending her academies are thriving with high scores on the New York State exams.

Brooklyn Success Academy’s program focuses on intense reading instruction, math instruction and writing.  Students enrolled will be faced with a longer school day and year and more rigor and routine than they are probably use to.  This is par for the course for a network of schools whose stated mission is  “to provide children in New York City with an exceptionally high quality education that gives them the knowledge, skills, character, and disposition to meet and exceed New York State standards and the resources to lead and succeed in school, college, and a competitive global economy.”  Students, called Scholars by the staff, are expected to look forward and work toward not just graduating from elementary school, but from college.

At first there were protests against the school because of its location in a Tomkins Avenue building that already houses another New York City school.   Some parents argued that the co-location would disproportionally affect the students in the other school by taking away resources from them.  However, other parents worried that the school would be located in the same building as a dangerous school.  In the end, the charter school won out and parents in the area were thrilled to have another option for their children.

The school will begin with two groups of classes this fall, kindergarten and first grade, before building its way up to the fifth grade.  There seem to be no slots open for the upcoming school year, so interested parents will have to wait until the spring application period.

Simone Gobin

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