Group Therapy Comes to Williamsburg in the Form of a Tattooed Mom

Where else but Brooklyn would one find a self proclaimed “Tattooed Therapist”? But we are so glad she’s here!


In 2006, Astrid Schmidt who also goes by the name the Tattooed Therapist, started a series of group therapy sessions for moms in Williamsburg Brooklyn that offers low-cost group therapy for local moms with children of any age. The group is called “Mommy C.A.L.M.”, and it serves as a much needed, short-term (4-8 week) soul journey where moms can meet with, and help one another through the ups and downs of parenthood. A local mother herself  Astrid says that “Mothers need to listen to, and be witnessed by, other mothers – we hold medicine for each other. We can’t do this tremendous job on our own”. By the looks of Astrid, she is someone who one would want to sip wine with on a Friday night, and this may be part of her appeal, a group therapist for the anti group therapy set. We caught up with Astrid via email to get her thoughts on what she does and why it appeals to her.


B.M. Why did you start this business?
A.S. I really love people, and I love helping people live more satisfying and peaceful lives. I am completely enthralled by the healing process: what is curative, and why/how? I believe we heal through relationships, so psychotherapy can be a wonderful path to releasing the past and deepening self-awareness.


B.M. What is your favorite part of what you do?
A.S. I absolutely love what I do. It’s pretty exciting and moving to see people transform their lives: becoming gentler with themselves and the people around them; healing childhood trauma that has stuck around and hampered their present-day happiness; becoming better partners and parents; feeling more “whole”. I have such reverence for this work. I am constantly humbled, surprised and moved by the endurance of the human spirit. I feel deeply privileged to bear witness to each and every person I work with.  It is not easy to show up every week and do this deep inner work. It takes such courage. But it’s really, truly worth it.


B.M. Where can parents find you?
A.S. They can reach me by phone (646-912-0873) and email ( Sign up for my free newsletter at My Facebook page or Twitter account 
B.M. You are the mother of a 2.5 year old daughter. What are your favorite things to do with your daughter locally?
1. Hang out at the pier on N.6 and watch or jump on the ferry.
2. East River State Park on N.8th has a lot of space and a unique playground
3. Klub for Kidz on N.4th is a lifesaver in the winter, when it’s too cold to do anything else. They also do free face painting on Fridays.
4.Brooklyn Bowl on Wythe has family bowling for kids of any age from noon to 6pm on weekends. Amazing.
5.Smorgasburg/Brooklyn Flea on weekends is a fun way to lunch and be out in the community.

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