New Moms Support Group in Williamsburg

The Mother-to-Mother support group is starting up in Williamsburg in June  to help moms work through their sometimes tough times. This will be a process group which means a therapist and the group members will be creating a safe space for feelings to come up around the experience of mothering–particularly the darker, lesser-exposed feelings that counter balance the joy and light.
When these feelings are left unacknowledged and unexpressed they can take away from the good feelings we have about mothering as well as leave us isolated, fearful and depressed. Connecting to other mothers in this space can be really good medicine.” says therapist Astrid Schmidt.
There is more information about the group at Size is limited so contact Astrid at  646-912-0873 or to reserve your spot or for any other questions.
When: Wednesday, June 6th–open to women with children of all ages.

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