Brooklyn Made Felt Creations & Baby Mobiles by Ally Sen

In the heart of Windsor Terrace, parents can find unique handmade baby mobiles made by a local mother. 

ally sen 2Ally Sen makes one of a kind, hand made felt creations in Brooklyn NY.  Ally works mostly with felt to create children’s hair accessories, flower bouquets, home décor, and hanging mobiles. Her love however, is making felt flower mobiles. She has designed and created her own flower designs and hand wraps each one in careful detail. Ally then strings up her creations in different patterns mixed with crystals, pearls, and hand sewn butterflies to create  beautiful mobiles that are best viewed from below. Brooklyn Mamas caught up with Ally Sen via email to talk about her one of a kind, handmade creations and here is what she had to say.


BM: Why did you start this business?

AS: I started out making felt hair barrettes for my two daughters.  Very quickly all of their friends wanted them and before I knew it I was selling them to all the moms. I really enjoy working with the felt and using my hands.  It is a great creative outlet, one that I was missing in my life as a stay at home mom. On the plus side I also was making a little extra pocket money! One thing led to another and very organically my business grew and expanded to include my popular baby mobiles.

BM: Where and how are your products made?

AS: My products are made in the basement studio of my house in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn.  This allows me to work while still being at home for our daughters every day. I work while my girls are at school, weekends and late at night after the kids are in bed.  I have recently hired one assistant who helps me cut and prep orders. I do the rest from design to packaging and marketing myself. When I make a mobile I use a die cutter to cut and shape the felt. I have even designed many of my own die cut flower designs.  Every mobile is unique- the flowers have to be wrapped, glued and sewn together.  I personally design and string each mobile.


BM: What is the primary inspiration behind your creations?

AS: My two daughters are always my inspiration.  I remember the joy I had when creating my firstborn’s nursery. It was such a special time in my life and I understand how special this process is to each mother.   I love being able to experience that excitement a little bit again each time I work with a new mom to make a mobile that will complete their nursery. Each one is made with love and care and a new little life in mind.

BM: Where can someone buy your products?

AS: I sell my mobiles as well as felt hair accessories, room décor, and flowers bouquets on Etsy.  I also sell locally in a few stores around Brooklyn such as Play Kids, Pipsqueak Children’s Shoppe, A Shoe Grows in Brooklyn, and Kaleidoscope Toy Store.


BM: What is a favorite product that you make?

AS: My mobiles have really become my passion. Each one is made with love and care. I enjoy working with customers creating the perfect look for their baby’s nursery or child’s room, making unique designs to match their themes and colors. I have such fond memories of designing my own girls’ room. I love to think of all the new babies that will be looking up at my mobiles. I want to create something really special and full of beauty for their new, little eyes to gaze up at. Whether its flowers, clouds, or stars it must be whimsical, beautiful and calming. With great joy, I add pearls, crystals, or little handmade butterflies to give the mobiles something special.

BM: You have two daughters and are raising them in NYC. What are your 5 favorite things to do with them locally?


  1. The Brooklyn Children’s Museum
  2. Prospect Park Zoo
  3. Pier 6 : Brooklyn Bridge Park
  4. Puppetworks, Inc.
  5. New York Hall of Science

To find out more about Ally Sen, visit her Etsy store here.

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