‘Tis the Season for Runny Noses: 5 Natural Remedies to Fight Off Colds and Flus:

Keeping kids healthy during the winter months can sometimes be a challenging task. Many parents try to avoid the doctors office as well as offerings such as flu shots and over the counter medications but how can you keep your children and yourself healthy without them? Nicole Weigl, a Brooklyn based naturopathic doctor  gives you five suggestions on how to naturally keep you healthy during the winter months.

  • Elderberries

    • Why: They have strong antiviral properties helping you and your little one fell better quicker.
    • How to get them in: You can find them as elderberry syrup or tea which both taste great!medium_79422888


  • Probiotics

    • Why: having healthy bacteria in your gut = a healthy immune system!
    • How to get them in: Probiotics can be purchased at a health food store in powdered or capsule form. For kids, sprinkle powdered probiotics on their food and increase probiotic rich foods such as yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut and kimchi. medium_6429393791


  • Mushrooms

    • Why: Shitake, Maitake and Reishi mushrooms contain immune boosting polysaccharides called beta glucans.
    • How to get them in: Add them to salads, stir-fry or soup. If your kiddo is like most other kids and doesn’t like the taste of mushrooms you can find them dried or crushed and sneak them into any dish.mushroom


  • Yellow, orange and red fruits and veggies

    • Why: Lemons, winter squash, carrots, bell peppers etc. These colorful fruits and veggies are packed with immune boosting Vitamin A and C
    • How to get them in: Try substituting less nutrient dense sides like white potatoes and bread with winter squash (acorn, butternut, kuri) they are sweet and delicious! Snack on carrots and bell peppers, squeeze lemon in your water… and so much more.medium_284905133


  • Eat less sugar

    • Why: Sugar decreases the activity of your white blood cells (the ones that fight bacteria and viruses) for hours after consuming it.
    • How to do it: This is particularly hard during the holiday season! Instead of dessert, opt for fruit. Try baking apples with cinnamon then topping with almond butter. If you are making baked goods at home use fruit juice or applesauce as a sweetener.medium_6023388826

About the author:

Nicole Weigl is a naturopathic doctor with a passion for helping her clients achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Using natural therapies and holistic nutrition she helps both adults and pediatrics with a multitude of different conditions. To find out more about Nicole visit her website at www.naturalhealthnyc.com.
photo credits: LJWDevonJasmic , Zarko Drincicjamiefratermadlyinlovewithlife via photopin cc

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