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Marina Trejo is a Pilates Teacher in Williamsburg and is the mom of 5 year old Miel. Fashion and comfort don’t always go together when you become a mom, but most of try. Marina discusses her fashion style and how her lifestyle and background influences her style of dress. But the one thing she tries to do is shop locally in Williamsburg which is not difficult to do since there are some many cool and hip stores.  Read more about Marina:

1. How would you describe your style?

Comfort is absolutely key for me, but comfort can mean different things to different people. Comfort to me means quality fabric and workmanship plus fit. I’ve become so picky about those details that they dominate my style, where I shop and what I purchase. I don’t like clothes that are too fussy. I so admire women who can wear skirts with belts and tons of accessories, but I’m not always comfortable with that. Elegant sweatpants. That’s me. Maybe that could be the name for a label, haha! As far as style goes, I’m from California and I would be happy forever in jeans and t-shirts, sweatpants and flip flops but they would all be made from good Japanese denim, linen tees, cashmere sweater and handcrafted leather. The fashion diva in me would wear the latter with a killer pair of boots.

2. As a working mother has how you dress change in the last few years?

I never have time to shop anymore so that has fundamentally changed my style. I’m the kind of person who loves to browse, try on clothes, wait, think about it, even sleep on it for several days and then go back to revisit a store or particular piece, I’m a retailer’s nightmare! I rarely do impulse purchases and when I have, I’ve always regretted it. But alas, I don’t have the time to shop this way anymore so I’ve really had to hone in and be much more decisive and deliberate about what I need vs. what I want to buy. Also, all my clothes now have stains and marks on them, mostly they’re yogurt stains. My favorite vintage Burberry trench has paint spattered all over the bottom hem, I look like a poseur painter now.

3. Are you influence more by trends or street style, you do after all live in Williamsburg?

I’m not really influenced by trends or street style. I’m so fortunate to have incredibly stylish friends who have the most devastatingly amazing taste so, I’m more influenced by them and their aesthetics then anyone in a blog or on the street. I like to have a personal connection to my clothes and where, how and why I wear them. My friends are fantastic for that and they are the best sources, thank-you ladies! I LOVE living in Williamsburg. There is nothing more fun than going to to the flea on a Sunday and seeing all the girls dressed up. I find it entertaining and charming and if I were 15 I think I would have died and gone to heaven.

4. Do you shop locally, online?

I love to browse online but I rarely buy anything online anymore. I can’t stand not being able to see the clothes physically and touch them and try them on. I pretty much shop locally in Williamsburg. As much as Zara kills me, I’ve stopped shopping for the most part at most national chains. I absolutely love Jumelle and think Candice the owner is a brilliant editor, I really appreciate that. I love Horizon for vintage, Brianne is so lovely and sweet and again, always has a very nie array, her store isn’t cluttered, I appreciate that as well. I want my shopping experience to be calm and happy.

Contributing Mama – Donna Ladd

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