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The Parlour in Greenpoint is having a great series of holiday events including an opportunity to meet some of Brooklyn’s cosmetic making craftswomen. We were able to catch up with Sarah Trogdon, the proud mama of 19 month old Georgia and owner of Goldies Soap on Saturday to see how she makes her delicious smelling products.

There are many nasty ingredients that go into your average bar of soap or cleanser. Even products that claim to be “natural” and “organic” can still contain things you would not want on, or near your body. But not Goldies, Sarah started her business three years ago with the intention of harvesting her love for natural beauty products and making things from nature. Her soaps have simple ingredients and come packaged in individual canvas bags.

The name Goldie comes from an old school nickname which is not surprising considering her gorgeous blond hair.  The name also makes Sarah think of the words “clean and pure” which is something she instills in all of her products. Sarah makes everything by hand in her home using natural ingredients like whipped coco butter, shea butter, and sweet almond oil. Her best selling cream is the “Coco Rose Dream Cream” which she recommends for pregnancy and daily moisturising. The most interesting product on her menu however, are the “Clary Sage Cleansing Grains” which come dry in a jar for you to wet with water and use as a scrub, or mix with honey and put on as a mask! If Sarah’s skin is any testament to how well her products work then you should run, not walk, to buy her moisturizer.

Sarah is going to expand the Goldies line to include natural makeup but is taking her time  “your kids are only young once” she says while cuddling with little Georgia in her lap.

Goldies Soaps are sold in Brooklyn at:

Depanneur Mary Meyer ClothingThe Parlour

You can also meet Sarah and shop her line at the Mary Meyer Holiday Sale on December 17th 2011 in Bushwick.


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