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Idlewild Bookstore - Brooklyn, New York By LaTonya Staubs

On a lovely Saturday afternoon, I decided to pop River Mae in the Ergo, and take a nice bus ride to Cobble hill to visit the newly opened location of  Idlewild Books. Firstly, the area in general makes you feel like you want to grab a much needed coffee, and take a leisurely stroll down Warren Street.

Upon entering the sun lit Idlewild Books shop, I was greeted by a young lady named Laetitia. She instantly made River and I feel warm and comfortable. She was happy to discuss all of the amazing things Idlewild Books has to offer their new neighbors. With her strong, and romantic French accent you can easily trust everything she says about the books, and classes they offer.

Located at 249 Warren Street, the Brooklyn location is the second location in New York City. Even though they just recently opened in late January, they have already developed a following of local parents who are excited to attend their French, Spanish, or Italian classes. The Brooklyn classes are taught by native speakers, that have tons of teaching experience, that will almost guarantee you will be speaking the language quickly. They also incorporate, “useful” language, associated with real-life situations, that you will more than likely use if or when you go traveling.

Whoo, I haven’t even gotten to the kids section yet! Even though this location specializes in novels and kid’s books, I easily underestimated what a selection they might have. Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised. Though, I haven’t personally started to teach my little one a second language, Idlewild Books makes it fun, and pretty easy to those little ones whose  parents already started the dual language process by offering classics! To see “The Cat and The Hat” in two languages, and the most popular book according to Laetitia T’Choupi was the highlight of mine and River Mae’s day.

If you are interested in learning a second language from some of the best teachers in Brooklyn, or if you already speak more than one language, I definitely suggest visiting Idlewild Books. As for me, I’m sure I’ll be there again picking up a few classic dual language books for River’s little birthday buddies.


Where: Idlewild Books,  249 Warren Street, Brooklyn, New York  11201
Phone: (718) 403- 9600
Website: For more information and adult and children’s language class schedule,  visit


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