Product Alert- JoJo’s Sriracha

What’s better than Sriracha? How about locally sourced, preservative free, hand made sriracha? That’s what’s happening in Brooklyn these days, with JoJo’s Sriracha.

In JoJo’s own words: “Jojo’s sriracha is a locally sourced, handcrafted sriracha – I create each batch with care and consciousness, supporting farms and farmers who choose not to treat their chili peppers with pesticides and chemicals. I care deeply about where my ingredients come from, which ultimately results in the most delicious sriracha you’ll ever have.

My goal is not standard flavor – it’s about loving the natural idiosyncrasies of food. Every batch is unique because no two chili peppers are ever the same.

To learn more about me and my story, read here:”


To purchase JoJo’s Sriracha, click here.

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