Egg Carton Seedlings – How to Starting Seeds In Egg Cartons

Starting seeds in egg cartons is a fun and easy way to introduce your kids to gardening.   Here is a simple way to begin this process by using things you have at home and can buy locally. 

begin with a plastic egg crate. This will be your seed starting container.

Open the egg container and cut off the top with scissors. This will serve as your watering tray and catch all. Cut small holes into the bottom of one half of the egg carton. This will allow for proper drainage.

Select a seed starting pellet from a local garden store.

Place the pellets into each section of one half of the egg carton.

Sprinkle the pellets with water and allow them to sit for a few minutes. They will turn into dirt and you can prepare to plant seeds.

Select the seeds that you would like to plant. Make sure that you have an indoor place with light and warmth.

Plant your seeds according to the package directions. After your seeds are covered up, give them some water from the top, close the top of the egg carton and then leave them alone in a warm, light place for a few days. After this point, you can water your seeds from the bottom tray that you created.

Watch your seeds grow! It is really important to water your seedling from the bottom and to leave them alone as much as possible. Once they have grown 4-6 leaves, it will be time to replant them to a larger pot, or outside.

Have Fun!



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