Thrift Store Toddler Chic – T Shirt Dress

Here at Brooklyn Mamas we like to recycle everything… or at least everything we can.. so here is a great recycled solution to giving an old shirt new life. Make it into a simple t shirt dress for your little girl. It takes about 10 minutes and you can pair it with a cute belt and pair of shoes. Viola! Brooklyn hipster chic here we come. Here is a step by step:

Start with a small t shirt and lay it flat on a table.












Place one of your toddler’s dresses OVER the shirt to measure arm and neck holes.












Trace the dress on top of the t shirt using a crayon. This will be the arm holes and side seam of the dress. You can also decide the dress length by cutting the shirt shorter.












Cut the sleeves off of the t shirt leaving the original neck in tact. Try to assume the circumference of the neck by using the other dress and cut the neck trim down a little.












Turn the shirt inside out and sew together the neck trim. Use whatever stitch you know, it does not need to be fancy.












Then sew up the side seams also using a not so fancy stitch.












Inside out, your dress should have a small side seam and arm hole.












Turn right side out and wear!

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