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September 8, starts the new school year and with comes school closings, school holidays and other important school dates  that always seem to be forgotten by us, less than Type A moms. Well, this year it will be much easier to plan out your schedule thanks to a new app created by New York City public school teacher John Tran.

The NYC School Calendar app is designed to help parents, teachers, and students keep track of the important school dates and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and will soon work for the black berry and android smart phones. The app also  integrates and snycs with the existing calendar.


Mr. Tran came up with this idea a year ago. In the past, he had to manually input the school calendar into the iPhone himself. Since he had the dates on his phone, many students and staff would also asked him for the information. That’s where the idea came that there should be an app for that. An app that provides quick access to information and will help teachers, students, and parents make planning their lives much easier.

This is one helpful app that is sure to help parents never forget an important school date.

The NYC School Calendar is now available at the “app store”


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2 thoughts on “Awesome App – NYC School Calendar

  1. Rebekah

    Can’t wait until it is ready for Android. My teacher husband never remembers to tell me the schedule!

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