10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Summer Camp

Spring is not quite here yet, however it’s not too early to start thinking about Summer Camp for your child. In fact, many camps are filling up fast. If you have not decided yet or this is your first time looking at camps, Brooklyn Mamas has put together 10 questions to keep in mind when choosing a summer camp.

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Summer Camp

  1. What is the camp’s philosophy, mission and program emphasis?
  2. Enrollment options – How long is the program? Is there flexibility? What is the length of the day?
  3. Is transportation available? Is it extra?
  4. Do they provide lunch and snacks? If not, is there a refrigerator for your child to use?
  5. What is the staff composition and camper-staff ratios?  Ask about age, experience, pre-season and on-going staff training, child abuse training and background checks.
  6. What are the safety procedures? Ask about the safety measures that are in place: emergency plans (i.e. evacuation, inclement weather)
  7. Is the camp accredited?
  8. How does the camp handle special considerations such as food allergies, religious obligations, ADD, vegetarian food options, etc.
  9. What are the policies on parent-camper communication while in camp? How will you get in touch with your child if there is an emergency?
  10. Ask for references from the camp.


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