Sleepaway Camp Guide for Brooklyn Kids UPDATED 2013

There’s something magical about the memories of the experiences we have from sleepaway camps that are like no other experiences we’ve had. If your kids are old enough and are emotionally ready to try a sleepaway camp,

Camp Echo
This uber-cool camp offers, aside from the typical summer camp activities, some really unique activities such as “circus of the kids” where a camper can can participate in an actual circus, or a dinosaur egg-hunt. Suitable for kids ages 7-16, this camp offers artists and athletes-in-residents who can cultivate a real skill, or just a hobby for your child. Camp Echo is located in Burlingham, New York. Visit their website or call (845) 733-4567 for more information.

Camp Hilltop
This picturesque camp, located in the beautiful Catskill region, boasts a private lake and is suitable for kids ages 6-16. More than 60 indoor and outdoor activities will surely keep your children occupied and a 4:1 camper to counselor ratio will ensure your children are getting the attention they need. Visit for more information. Camp Hilltop is located in Hancock, New York.


Camp Kennybrook
With a plethora of activities, Camp Kennybrook located in Monticello, New York  offers children ages 6-16 a very unique “Get Moving”  fitness program. This program teaches children all about exercise and healthy eating with a goal of developing new attitudes towards fitness and health that kids can take home and integrate into their daily lives. For more information, visit or call
(845) 794-5320.


Camp Kinder Ring

Camp Kinder Ring is located in Hopewell Jet, New York which is part of the Hudson Valley  offers 3, 4, or 7 week sessions and is suitable for kids ages 6-16 offers some unique cultural experiences, such as Israeli Dance, Jewish culture discussions and activities as well as introduction to Yiddish language. Visit or call (845) 221-2771 for more information.

Camp Lokanda
Camp Lokanda is a traditional sleepaway camp located in the Catskill mountains.  This camp, for kids ages 7-17, offers its very own water park, complete with slip and slides, a rolling log, trampolines and more! Water skiing, tubing and knee boarding are also offered and will certainly appeal to all water-lovers. Camp Lokanda is located in Glen Spey, New York. For more information, visit or call (845) 557-6686.


Camp Schodack
Set in the foothills of the stunning Berkshire Mountains, this camp has some great Ropes Course challenges, as well as team and individual sports activities. Creative type will enjoy digital photography, ceramics and a chance to broadcast on the camp radio! for Ages 7-14. Visit or call  (518) 766-3100 for more information.

Eden Village
This innovative Jewish camp, suitable for kids ages 8-16, has a unique focus on farming, food and wildreness. This non-profit camp has a farm with organic produce, as well as animals such as chicken and goats. Campers milk goats to make goat cheese and ice cream and each cabin has its own garden where campers can pick berries, carrots and tomatoes for a snack. Contact  (877) 397-3336 for more information.

Iroquois Springs
This camp located in Rock Hill, New York is just 90 minutes from New York City. It is suitable for kids ages 7-16 and offers a power-packed and diverse program. Campers are encouraged to try everything and have fun! Some activities are canoe trips on the Delaware River, Whitewater rafting and overnight camping trips. Contact the camp if you have questions.


Camp Starlight
Located in Starlight, Pennsylvania, this 385 acre camp, has its own private lakes and is surrounded by “endless mountains”.  Girls and boys are separated during the day to partake in their respective activities but  come back together for dinners and evening events. Other than the usual activities, this camp offers 5 days of Olympics, which include competitions in sports, trivia, apache relays and more.  Contact Camp Starlight at 570-798-2525 or visit for more information.



Camp Vacamas
Camp Vacamas’s campers come from throughout the tri-state region to a nurturing, caring and diverse community where each young person is someone special. The program is based on the age and ability of campers and takes fun, outdoor, traditional summer camping to a new level of learning and growth. The camp offers a non-competitive and supportive environment that encourages campers to set new goals and develop self-confidence, responsibility and leadership. Located in Northern New Jersey, there are two camps set up based on age: a junior camp, for kids ages 7-13 and a teen camp, for kids 14-16. This camp has special theme days, such as Kung-Fu Panda day, Medieval Day and Superhero Day. Camp Vacamas is located in West Milford, New Jersey. For more information, visit


by Maytal Wichman

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