Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is a just around the corner but unfortunately falls on a Monday. Don’t just go door to door this year, have a big play date and plan a fun and spooky Halloween for your kids and their friends.  Both kids and adults can enjoy Halloween together.




Here are some suggestions to make your Halloween party a hit.

  • Hire a tarot card reader or a fortune teller for the night.
  • Make creepy ice cubes by putting a plastic ant, bug or spider in  each compartment before you freeze and pop them in the kid’s juice.
  • Halloween decorations are a must, decorate the house with dead flowers, replace regular light bulbs with red, yellow or green ones. Buy Halloween themed table cloths or use a fall colored table cloth and top with Halloween bowls of candy, pumpkins and spider webs. Fill your home with clusters of orange and black candles.
  • Organize a Halloween potluck! Each guest brings a different dish; whether an appetizer, main course, dessert or beverage. Don’t forget the spookamole.
  • Have your children help out with the decorations and have them draw Halloween themed cats, pumpkins and spiders. and showcase them around the house.


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