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Do you find yourself having way too much mac & cheese with hot dog pieces for dinner? After all, who has the energy to cook adult food at the end of a long day? Sure, we promise ourselves that we are going to eat healthier, loose weight, cook more, and so on, but who has the energy? Not me!

A solution to your evening eating woes has arrived…The Splendid Spoon. Owner Nicole offered us a sample soup delivery that showed up in an adorable package filled with containers of home made locally sourced soup. We requested vegetarian and got a Summer soup with crunchie veggies and cilantro and a Borcht. In Nicole’s words, here is a little bit more about how this service works…and a SUPER discount for Mamas at the bottom.

What is a Sea Bean?

It’s an aquatic sea vegetable (delicious in summer salads) in addition to being my nickname.

How does your service work?

Customers sign up for month-long commitments with the option to auto-renew.  A bike messenger delivers the soup in insulated packs directly to your home or office so you can keep the soup in the fridge during the week for simple, healthy meals and snacks.

How much does soup delivery and why is it worth the money?

• 2 quarts per week for 4 weeks (8 quarts)*: $115

• 1 quart per week for 4 weeks (4 quarts)*: $60

• One-time delivery fee (Manhattan up to 90th St and select neighborhoods in Brooklyn): $15

*1 quart is 2 hearty meals or 4 side-dish portions

These soups are for busy moms and professionals who always seem to find time for everyone but themselves! We want to eat delicious, healthy food, and of course we want to eat more vegetables, but it’s hard to do so when pressed for time. The abundance of readily accessible unhealthy food makes that task even harder, so we view a soup subscription as a commitment to eat a few more healthy meals and snacks throughout the week.  Plus our soup ingredients are sourced within 200 miles and handmade in small batches so you can feel good about supporting a local business and local agriculture.  In terms of cost, our soup costs 59 cents per oz (includes cost of soup and delivery fee), which is less than what you pay per oz for a bag of chips at the vending machine, and packed with a lot more fresh plant-based nutrients.

Any plans to make any other food?

Yes, we will start providing grain salads such as quinoa, cous cous, and farro as a side dish or mix-in with the soups.

What types of seasonal soups do you make?

Signature Flavors (available year-round):

White Bean & Kale: navy beans, Eagle St. rooftop kale and cayenne, seasonal herbs, parmigiano reggiano broth (gluten-free, vegetarian)

Curried Carrot & Apple: carrots, McIntosh apples, Madras curry, cinnamon, caramelized onions (gluten-free, vegan) Enjoy chilled too!

Spicy Sweet Potato: sweet potatoes, cayenne, seasonal allium, a touch of Ronnybrook creamline yogurt (gluten-free, vegetarian) Enjoy chilled too!

Green Lentil: organic lentils, seasonal allium (often leeks), star anise, apples, mushrooms, vegetable broth (gluten-free, vegan)

Example of our Seasonal Flavors:

Tomato & Herbs: tomatoes, dill, basil, green garlic (gluten-free, vegan) Enjoy chilled too!

Sweet Corn: corn, basil, cilantro, corn milk, onions (gluten-free, vegan) Enjoy chilled too!

Pumpkin & Apple: roasted pumpkins and apples, rosemary, a touch of Ronnybrook cream (gluten-free, vegetarian)

Mushroom: roasted portabello, shitake, thyme, cayenne, a bit of lemon juice (gluten-free, vegan)

What do you recommend I eat the borscht with? I have never had it before!

If you haven’t eaten borscht already, I really love to sip it cold on a hot day.  Traditionally, it’s eaten with a dollop of sour cream (or, even better, creme fraiche if you have it).  If you want to make it into a heartier dish you can also pour the borscht over a piece of steamed fish with some brown rice on the side.  I’ll be adding these types of ‘soup plus’ recipes for soup plus a 2-3 other ingredients that take advantage of our soup’s saucy qualities.


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