Free Tickets for the New Parents Expo Being Held October 15 and 16

The New Parents Expo is coming to NYC this weekend, October 15 and 16. Because of our special relationship with New York Family magazine, Brooklyn Mamas has 25 vouchers to give away to expectant and new parents from the NY Metro area. That’s two adults per voucher for the most extraordinary New Parent Event of the Year!

Sign Up Now: It’s first come, first serve. The first 25 people to write in and mention “Brooklyn” will receive a special voucher for 2 adults to be used either Saturday or Sunday. (Children are free)

Send your email to

Required Info: Name, address, and email address, and how you heard about the offer. Just say “Brooklyn.”

New Parents Expo Highlights – Visit, for the entire day’s schedule:

* Happy Infants & Toddlers: The beloved Dr. Harvey Karp (author of “The Happiest Baby on the Block”) will be giving the keynote address each day, elaborating on his methods for raising happy babies (and getting them to sleep) and happy toddlers (and getting them to listen to you)!

* Incredible Speakers: Beyond Dr. Karp, Dr. Bob Sears, Liz Lange, Ali Wing (of giggle), Practically Green (a great green website), Cool Mom Picks and other parenting and pregnancy luminaries will be speaking on everything from raising a healthy child, to stylish but practical family shopping, to getting along as a new family.

* The Goods: Over 100 Exhibitors and the best brands and services and stores and experts for pregnancy, baby and toddler.

* The Attractions: Stroller Test Track (if you don’t have one) & Stroller Tune-up (if you do) * Special Lectures for New Dads (invaluable) * Child Play Area

* The Prizes: $1,500 Nursery Gift from giggle! World Class Spa Getaway! * Full Package From Classic Kids Photography! Plus, strollers, high-chairs…the works……

* The Answers: Sleep! Feeding! Child Gear & Furnishings! Early Enrichment! Work/Life Balance! Preschool! . . . There’s a special area devoted just to answer your questions.

Sounds great, right? But don’t forget to REGISTER NOW for your free vouchers. Email

And note: if you’re one of the families who happens not to be in time for the voucher, write in anyway and they’ll send you a special discount code for the event.

Most importantly, ENJOY THE EXPO.

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