Now What?! Things to Do Post Sandy – Urban Scavenger Hunt for Kids

No school, no parks, no subways, and pretty much nothing to do. We are coming up with ideas to keep your family from killing one another over the next few days by getting out, staying active, and doing cool stuff. First on our list is an Urban Scavenger Hunt that you can print out below or simply read on your phone.

You and your kids can actually obtain these items or just take pictures of them. Older children can be sent out on their own during the day to find them on their own. 

Find The Following Items (and get a surprise when you do):

  1. The Letter “A”
  2. Car Without a Hubcap
  3. The Number “3”
  4. A “For Sale” Sign
  5. A Fortune Cookie
  6. A Menu from a Restaurant
  7. A Napkin
  8. A Village Voice – or other Newspaper
  9. Something Purple
  10. A Green Awning
  11. A Police Car
  12. A Stop Sign
  13. A Fire Escape with something on it
  14. A Toy in a Window
  15. A Broken Parking Meter
  16. A Small Dog
  17. A Couple Holding Hands
  18. A Shopping Bag
  19. Someone Wearing Shorts
  20. A Double Stroller


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