Post Sandy Happenings & Things to Do in Williamsburg & Greenpoint

School is closed and so are playgrounds and man trains, so now what? If you and your family need to get out of the house then here are some things to do.

What’s Open

Most restaurants are now open in Williamsburg and Greenpoint so get out of the house and nosh. Gym Park in Greenpoint is hosting open play sessions for kids but beware! it gets packed. Klub 4 Kids and Baked in Brooklyn will also be open for indoor fun as is Word books for reading and shopping. Brooklyn Public Library is open, the Greenpoint and Williamsburg YMCA are planning to be open. Stop by Pie Corps for a bite of fresh baked pie. You can also help out by pulling together clothing and supplies for donation.


Download and print free paper dolls for kids, make an urban fairy garden, a t-shirt dress, play an urban scavenger hunt.




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