Review: Cirque Du Soleil Amaluna – Grab Tickets Before It’s Gone


Cirque Du Soleil: Amaluna is an amazing show that has been in New York for the past couple of weeks. I got the chance to see it on Wednesday May 7th. The show was riveting, it had every aspect to keep the audiences attention. There were acrobats swinging over you and people dancing around on stage while an amazing group of musicians played.

The show wasn’t like any ordinary circus, it had a story line to it, it was like going to see a play with people swinging through the air and doing backflips. The storyline of the show seemed to be about a group of sailors who washed ashore on an island with lizard people and amazonian tribal women. One of the sailors ended up meeting one of the people on the island and falling in love at first sight but the others on the island did everything in their power to try and keep the two apart.

While all of this was serious, there was a comedy side to the show in which the captain fell in love with a crazy women on the island and had babies with her. Now when the babies were born they did not know what to do with them and started throwing them around (the babies were played by footballs).


Certain parts of the show had people on the edge of their seats and silent hoping the actress would not mess up. The actress was making a sort of statue out of what looked like giant bones from a rib cage. Each bone was placed precisely with one holding the whole thing up. Then when she finished making this amazing piece of art she removed one bone and the whole thing fell apart which was part of the act but at the same time slightly disappointing due to the fact the whole time she was building it you could hear a pin drop.

Every time the acrobats did a trick swinging through the air the audience was in awe because the only thing keep the performers from falling was themselves. They were not wearing a safety harness or rope and underneath them they did not have a net to catch them it would have been a straight drop to the floor if they fell.

A part that I was truly impressed by was when the performer who played the sailor in love climbed a pole just using his arms, his legs were straight out behind him and he climbed to the top, the strength to be able to climb a pole, a rope or anything with just your arms is just insane. The strength and efficiency to be able to do all these tricks and acts so fluidly for every performance is impressive, the sheer strength all the performers have is to me something to idolize and be in awe over.

I personally would recommend this show to anyone who is looking to go to see a circus or play because the show was just that exhilarating. To truly understand how impressive the show is you have to go and see it for yourself.

 by Jesse Clark

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