Diaper Delivery Services in Brooklyn

Having a new (or old for that matter) baby is not an easy task, especially if you are car free in the city. Lugging your tot along with all of their gear can make a trip to the store seem near impossible. Never fear, you are not alone and there are some great services that will deliver what you need right to your front door. Here they are:

Cloth Diaper Delivery

How does a typical cloth diaper delivery service work?

Just leave your soiled diapers outside your door and receive your clean diapers on the same day! at least that is what the diaper services boast.  The first week of your new diaper service you will receive  clean fresh fabric diapers in your diaper bag. The second week you will receive a second set and will rotate these sets every week.  They are washed, dried and packed separately from other diapers. Your bags are tagged with your name and your diapers are only for your baby.

Hug A Tree Diaper – Fresh clean Natural Unbleached Cotton diapers to your doorstep every week!

Diaperkind delivers but not just diapers, biodegradable wipes, coconut oil diaper cream and more at their online shop.

Queen Bee Diaper Service – for $36 per week Queen Bee will deliver all od your cloth diapering essentials

Natures Premiere – a favorite among moms here at Brooklyn Mamas.


Paper Diaper Delivery

Organic Direct delivers Chlorine free diapers, herbal baby wipes, and diaper cream as well as organic baby food to Brooklyn families.

Fresh Direct which is based in LIC will deliver an array of diapers from Pampers to Earths Best  as well as other baby supplies that are not organic.


Other Gear and Accessories

Yummy Mummy.  You name it they have it when it comes to breastfeeding  and bottle feeding supplies. For a small fee they will deliver throughout the five boroughs.

Get strollers and baby gear with Dimples Baby a Brooklyn based baby gear service has a price match guarantee and free shipping over $50.

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