A Farmer’s Market That Delivers? Yes, Please!

Photo: Brooklyn Based

Farmer’s markets are by far my favorite place to go food shopping, but sometimes it’s difficult to get there every week. Now, there’s a way for you to shop at a farmer’s market and have it delivered to you- Farmigo.

“There’s a new community supported agriculture model in town, one that places as much emphasis on community as on agriculture.

After successful trial runs in a few offices around the country, including Etsy and Carrot Creative in Brooklyn, Farmigo, a new online farmer’s market, is launching today in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and they’re looking for a few good food communities.

Here’s how it works: an office, school, neighborhood group or even an apartment building works together to form a food community. You just need a minimum of about 30 members, or 30 orders per delivery and a set pick-up and delivery location. One member (or a few) takes responsibility for coordinating with the Farmigo team to determine which producers you’ll work with, and handles the pick-up and delivery of the produce. Farmigo creates a custom shopping experience for your community (you can check out Carrot Creative’s here).”


Read more about it on Brooklyn Based- Farmigo Brings the Farmer’s Market to Your Fingertips


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