Brooklyn Bowling Lanes: A Fun Family Activity

By LaTonya Staubs

When I used to think about bowling, the first thought used to be…umm boring! But then I went, and I kept on going, and going, and then I realized I had never experienced this kind of fun..the kind of fun, where you don’t even notice you’re laughing, because you are laughing so often.

So, as a mama when I started to think about bowling with my daughter that definitely seemed like impossible. But truly, it wasn’t. Most bowling alleys, now dedicate certain hours, or even days, catering to families like mine and yours!

If you are not looking to have a family affair at the bowling alley, you still could squeeze in a date night, or a chill out session with your friends for a hour or two at one of these local alleys. They also take time to cater to the adult crowd with drinks, food, and concerts.

Brooklyn Mamas has rounded out bowling alleys, that you can go to no matter what your situation might be.

Brooklyn Bowl
Though known mostly by the 20s to early 30 something Williamsburg party goers, as the most happening venue for concerts, and events during the week, this 23,000 squared foot bowling alley takes time to, also cater to families. They do so by dropping their 21+ age restriction on Saturdays and Sundays. Also, by providing some good home cooking, that the whole family will enjoy.

Where: 61 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211
Hours: Monday- Wednesday 6pm-12am. Thursday-Friday 6pm-2am, Saturday 6pm-2am, and Sunday 6pm-12am
Cost: Weekend rate is $25 per lane, per half hour. Sunday Special is only $20 per half hour, Weekday rate is $20 per lane, per half hour
Contact: 718- 963-3369,

Maple Lanes
Maple Lanes, is just as sweet as it’s name. Maple Lanes is one of a very few bowling alleys in Brooklyn that offers a large family package, within this family package, you get plenty of choices to ensure you have a smooth, and exciting visit.

Where: 1570 60th Street, Brooklyn NY 11219
Hours: Monday-Thursday 9 am- 12am, Friday-Saturday 9am- 2am, and Sunday 8am- 12am
Cost: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm $4.50 per game, League Bowlers $3.50 per game, Saturday/Sunday 9am- 5pm $6.50 per game,Cosmic Bowling $7.50 per game. They have plenty of packages too!
Contact: 718 – 331-9000,

Melody Lanes
From party packages, family night is every night, and Holiday events,  this bowling alley is not only very family friendly, Melody Lanes is also very wallet friendly.

Where: 461 37th Street, Brooklyn NY 11232
Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-12am, Friday-Saturday 9am-3am, and Sunday 9am-12am
Cost: Cost varies, depending on hours, and amount of people. (visit website for further details)
Contact: (718)832-BOWL,

Strike 10 Lanes
Formerly, the Gil Hodges lanes, Strike 10 Lanes, has gone above and beyond to make the community get more involved in it’s bowling traditions. With party packages, choices of parties on the lane or in a private room, tournaments, and programs for the youth, Strike 10 has definitely gotten a score of 10 from me!

Where: 6161 Strickland Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11234
Hours: Sunday-Thursday 9am-1am, Friday-Saturday 9am-3am
Cost: Strike 10 Lanes offers various packages, depending on groups sizes, and hours of the day. (check website for further details)
Contact: 718-763-6800,

Shell lanes
Don’t let the simplicity fool you, this bowling alley comes equipped with 32 lanes for your enjoyment, snack counter and bar services, and they are always welcome to children’s birthday parties. With $3 game specials on weekends, there is no reason not to visit Shell lanes.

Where: 1 Bouck Court, Brooklyn NY 11223
Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-12am, Friday and Saturday 9am- 4am, and Sunday 9am- 12pm Cost: Friday 5:30pm to close $5.25 per game, Saturday 9am- 5:30pm $3 per game, $5:30pm to close $5.50 per game, Sunday 5pm-midnight $5.25 per game, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm $3.25 per game
Contact: 718- 336-6700,

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