Cancel The Marathon Already!

Screw the NYC Marathon” said Kris LoPresto for the HuffPost but the Marathon is moving forward as planned. The NYRR is saying that it has “created the 2012 ING New York City Marathon Race to Recover Fund and will donate at least $1 million, or $26.20 for each of the more than 40,000 runners expected to participate in the race. The Marathon Race to Recover Fund will support a number of charities involved in relief efforts, including the Mayor’s Fund and the American Red Cross.”  Officials are defending their decisions to move the event forward but do the residents of NYC agree?


Here is what people are saying on Facebook:

“If the runners don’t show, then there won’t be a marathon. We need those resources elsewhere. Shame on the mayor, but shame on the runners as well. So you lose some money and don’t get to run…. big deal. People are homeless and dumpster diving for food. Lives have been lost. There will be other marathons.”

“The NYC Marathon generates lots of income for city coffers and local businesses that runners travel through – that’s why this knucklehead of a mayor refuses to postpone the event. His entire life has been about the bottom line, personal or business, and will always continue to be … “Let them eat cake”, is, and always has been his philosophy toward the “99%”.

“…they should postpone and use the runners for volunteers in those places that they help. Use their energy in helping that need it. It’s already havoc in NY a marathon is the last thing they need in NY.”

“If they cancel the marathon the repercussions will be far more severe financially then the hurricane. That is hundreds of millions of revenue the city will lose. Who is going to pay for all this when everything is said and done? We most move forward and we must not cancel the marathon!”

“There are people who don’t have power and yet they brought in giant generators for the marathon. There is a food and gas shortage not to mention the many people who no longer have homes. They should reschedule the marathon for the spring and concentrate our money and efforts (and police who will otherwise be working the marathon route) to repairing and rebuilding. That should be the priority right now.”

“The money to rebuild will have to come from FEMA and people’s insurance. I personally think people should postpone. The devastation is amazing and I think it’s extremely insensitive for this to happen when people are worried about basic human needs. People are conserving their gas so can’t even help to bring donations to those in need. If they have the resources to make this happen, maybe, they should use the resources to bring things to people who are in need. This is just too soon. They’re still looking for missing people for God’s sake.”

“I’m a nurse working at a hospital that has taken evacuees from other hospitals with marathons they come with tubers who need medical attention secondary to dehydration, exhaust and etc we should avoid making more ppl seek hospitals. We don’t have enough space as is now with no hospital practically open downtown and with no level 1 trauma center downtown”

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