Review: Caribou Baby – The Rocking Chair Music Series

By LaTonya Staubs

If you are looking for a all around good shop, that is home to high-quality necessities, that hosts plenty of events that not only motivate you as a parent but inspires you to grow with your child, and encourages you to meet new parents, then Caribou Baby is a great place to visit for shopping, entertainment and enjoyment, and to just feel like your growing within a community of parents, and caregivers.

I say with confidence that many moms in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg area, unknowingly knows a mom, that is absolutely head over heals in love with Caribou Baby. Quite frankly, I was one of those moms. I often found myself overhearing conversations, where moms excitingly talked about how enthused their child was in one of Caribou’s classes, or how much the mom herself, learned in one of the baby wearing classes. So, when I was invited to attend The Rocking Chair Music Series, I was eager to find out what all the hoopla was about. Upon entering, I quickly found out that it all wasn’t just mommas that were riled up into the hoopla, so were many of the babies, in fact, even my own!

At this shop located at 272 Driggs Avenue, you’ll find a spacious sun lit room in the back, with a gorgeous view of the backyard garden. That beautifully lit, spacious, comfy room is where The Rocking Chair Music Series is held. You are instantly welcomed with the smiling faces on all these babies, patiently sitting on their comfy mats for class to begin. Jasmin, instantly made this day of the series a musical experience. All the babies are engaged, and many of them enthusiastically, with the help of their caregivers tried to follow Jasmine’s steps, while Jasmin busted out some groovy songs, and moves.

The Rocking Chair Music Series is definitely a class that I and I am pretty sure my daughter, are happy to attend every week. Caribou Baby, keeps the excitement going by changing their roster of awesome rockers every week. Other performers include Greg Stare, Mr. Butch, Caitlin Rodgers, and Steve Zelin just to name a few. Not only did I love the fact that Jasmin sang songs like Taxi and Subway, but I loved the fact, that the purpose behind these songs is to provide kids with a positive image of the world around them and help them relate to their surroundings. After class is over it will be hard not wonder into the retail part of the shop, especially when they offer 10% off of any item purchased the day of the event!

When: Tuesdays at 11:30-12:15
Where: 272 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn New York 11222
Cost: $5/person
Contact: (347) 460-BABY (2229),, The Rocking Music Series

Of course, The Rocking Chair Music Series is one the many classes and events that Caribou Baby has, visit to see the entire class and event schedule.

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