Compañía Flamenca José Porcel at Brooklyn Center for Performing Arts

Flamenco comes to Brooklyn Center for Performing Arts November 13. Under the artistic direction of internationally renowned flamenco artist José Porcel, Spain’s preeminent company of dancers, musicians and singers performs Gypsy Fire, an explosion of rhythms, colors, and emotions that hearkens back to flamenco’s Gypsy roots in 15th century Andalucia.

The repertoire will range from the deeply emotional “Seguiriya,” which portrays the suffering and pain of the Gypsy people, to the more elegant “Ronda,” a piece performed by women incorporating the traditional long-trained dresses and castanets, and the festive “Alegrías,” inspired by the playfulness of traditional Spanish jesters and clowns.

Brooklyn Center for Performing Arts
2900 Campus Road
Brooklyn, NY 11210
(718) 951-4600


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