Halloween Homage to Brooklyn

A Halloween Model of Brooklyn Made Entirely of Candy 

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Halloween Homage to Brooklyn

There is something about Halloween in New York City that is unique, maybe this is the case with any city, but how children experience an urban Halloween just looks and feels different. Since we have a few crafty members in our community, we thought that it would be fun to make a model of something that would represent this urban Halloween. So we made a model….out of candy. The image of children running through a neighborhood in costume is something that we thought was a good representation of what one sees around the Halloween season and we chose Greenpoint Brooklyn as a point of inspiration though this image represents many neighborhoods in NYC. With a generous donation of children’s Halloween photos, we began making the model from a few basic supplies. The little girl featured in the center of the photo says so much about the excitement and thrill of trick or treating so we used her in many of the photos. Why candy you may ask? Because what is Halloween without it?

How We Did It:

Halloween Homage to Brooklyn Final 1

Using cardboard and various candy we unwrapped over 100 pieces and began our creation. We found that gum worked really well for the shingles on the buildings and we used a glue gun to secure them in place. Among the gum that we used were Orbit (brick) Wrigley’s Winterfresh (shingles) and Bubble Yum (building trim). Other items of candy that we used included candy corn for house lights, spiral lollipops for street lamps, and Pez candy for the stoops. The only non candy items in the shot are the tree and street that were purchased at a craft store. We thought that the tree added a fun spooky element to the photograph so we put it in at the last minute.

DIY Halloween Model

The base of the model is made of recycled cardboard and the children were secured to the model with wire. The entire model was built on a slant so that we could accomplish a forced perspective photo which would give a viewer the impression that the children were walking away from the buildings, rather than right in front of them. The whole model is very small standing at only 18″ tall. The forced perspective model requires a little bit of math, which we won’t bore you with, but the children are only 3″ tall to accomplish the effect.

The Final Shot


With a little Photoshop, spooky background sky, and some basic editing, a Brooklyn Halloween model was born. We hope you enjoy it!

Happy Halloween!


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