Holistic Family Practices in Brooklyn

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We live in a time when we know that there is more than one solution to the problem. We now know we can heal our bodies and our minds not just via conventional medicine, but also via other routes, such as alternative medicine.

Brooklyn Mamas has rounded up some alternative health practices that include a variety of alternative therapies.

Acupuncture & Alternative Chinese Medicine of New York
This comprehensive clinic provides a broad range of alternative solutions for women’s health, including allergies, depression, infertility, weight loss and more.

Where: 263 7th Avenue, Suite 2B, Spine & Arthritis Center, NY Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (718) 689-3737
Website: acuherbnewyork.com


Natural Healing for Women
This holistic practice combines herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, Maya Abdominal Massage, and flower essence therapy. Some of the conditions treated are PCOS, uterine fibroids, postpartum issues, PMS, fertility issues and more.

Where: 314 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (646) 218-1201
Website: naturalhealingforwomen.com


Cornerstone Healing
This practice provides holistic care and incorporates both Western and Eastern philosophies. Some of the therapies are chiropractic, yoga, holistic wellness counseling, Chinese medicine, massage and more. They treat gynecological disorders, as well as a variety of other physical, mental and emotional disorders.

Where: 476-478 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231
Phone: (718) 254-4076
Website: cornerstonehealing.net


Five Star Wellness Center
This practice offers colonic cleansing, which helps detox the body, as well as body wrapping, infrared sauna, skin care and more.

Where: 9101 4th Avenue, Suite 2R, Brooklyn, NY 11209
Phone: (718) 631-1090
Website: fivestarcolonic.com


Aurora Healing Arts
This practice uses Maya uterine massage, counseling, astrology, sound healing and more. They mainly work with people who want to experience infertility issues.

Where: 314 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Phone: (718) 499-7721
Website: aurorahealingarts.org


Calm Massage Spa
This unique spa not only offers massages and facials, but also holistic evaluations, customization of treatments and simple home care suggestions for after the treatment, such as diet, skin care and exercise in order to maintain results.

Where: 332 Senator Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220
Phone: (917) 596-9535
Website: calm-massage.com


Element Natural Healing Arts
This practice offers acupuncture, massage, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, herbology, European and Ayurvedic facials and more. Check website for package deals.

Where: 518 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231
Phone: (718) 855-4850
Website: elementhealing.com


by Maytal Wichman

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