7 Must See Events for Kids at the DUMBO Arts Festival 2013

Each year the DUMBO Arts Festival comes to Brooklyn and includes outdoor and indoor visual art installations, parades, visiting artists in their studios, murals, dancers, poets as well as performers throughout the neighborhood, on street corners, and in the parks. The festival seeks to highlight Brooklyn’s commitment to the arts community by presenting the best local, national, and international art among the breathtaking backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline. This year, the Festival will take place on Friday, September 27th, Saturday, September 28th and Sunday, September 29th. The official Festival hours are Friday 6pm to 9pm, Saturday noon to 9pm, Sunday noon to 6pm. Here are 7 awesome installations that kids will love among the celebration of arts in Brooklyn.

Ship of Tolerance

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The Ship of Tolerance was created by Russian artist Ilya and Emilia Kabakov. In collaboration with Studio in a School and the Brooklyn Bridge Park the ship will arrive in DUMBO on Friday, September 27 and remain on view until October 8th. The Studio in a School led workshops for hundreds of students, ages 5 through 13, in public schools throughout the five boroughs and more than 500 children made paintings expressing their interpretations of tolerance.  A selection of 150 student paintings will be sewn together to create the sail for The Ship of Tolerance.

Super Heroes


(super)Heroes puts heroes on display in this visually striking collection of real people in hero costumes. Each of the photographers in the exhibition has approached the subject of superheroes as an exploration of social issues, whether it be the unsung heroes all around us, the innate desire of humanity to believe in powers greater than ourselves. These photographs are a must see for kids and families. What a great conversation starter about every day heroes!


Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 9.16.02 AM

Drawbot is a drawing system that anyone can use without having to learn how to operate electronics. It is a robot that mixes standard drawing materials with weighted motors and plastic cups. When the cups vibrate, they draw circles and lines depending on their weight and power.  They are a simple way to get kids and adults interested in robotics and design through collective art creation.

Dada Playground

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Dada Playground is a highly interactive, magical place made of large scale cardboard characters and quirky houses. The public will be invited to participate in different activities which will ultimately lead to the creation of a stop-motion short film. Each Dada house will host a unique creative task: collage making with paper materials, drawing with markers and pens, and graffiti making with spray cans.

Bubbles of Hope

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 9.06.43 AM

Bubbles of Hope is a choreographed parade through the streets of DUMBO led by Andrey Bartenev, a Russian performance artist who is bringing 120 costumes from his collections! Accompanied by live music, the procession will deliver a message of harmony and joy with a healthy dash of extravagance.

Moon Flower Garden

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 12.08.00 PM

Moon Flower Garden is a whimsical garden containing giant glowing flowers and magic crystals that sooth, inspire and renew the soul. Creator Gregory Skolozdra is an installation artist that creates magical environments that are filled with giant glowing flowers, mushrooms and crystals.

Untitled Tables, Benches and Cubes for Children

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 12.11.23 PM

Inspired by mid-century playground design, Untitled Benches, Tables/Cube for Children is an architectural sculpture composed of a large cubic form set on two long beam forms. The structure serves as an inviting playspace for children and a relaxing viewing space for all.

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