We Wish Every Cafe in the City Was Like This One

At first glance, The Lark Cafe in Ditmas Park looks like any other, with it’s open windows and Stumptown coffee, but look a little closer and you will find that it is the ultimate family friendly cafe.

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We love visiting local kid friendly restaurants as non bloggers as it presents a real look at what a venue is really like. For this reason, we went by for a sneak attack review of the Lark Cafe and it was everything we wanted in a local cafe and more. Complete with an open play area and friendly staff, this cafe is not simply a place to get your latte but to enjoy the community and all it has to offer. Lark is a family community hub filled with classes and events for the community surrounding it complete with delicious locally made goods from Ovenly, DOUGH Doughnuts, Betty Bakery, Magpies pop tarts, Colson Patisserie, Batternkill milk, and Blue Marble ice cream. The entry is packed with fliers for local events and the cafe is buzzing with parents and kids alike. As we held up the line, asking about the selection and deciding between iced and hot coffee, the barista did not even bat an eye while describing all of the offerings that we enquired about. Patience is a  virtue seldom found in cafe employees and when ordering with children, parents certainly appreciate it.


Among the family friendly classes that can be found at Lark Cafe are Music for Aardvarks, Music with Miss Katie, Lavender Blues, Toddler Time with Mary Jo, Sing Alongs with Lloyd, Muriel’s World – French Songs for Children, and Fruiggie Organic Arts & Crafts. The cafe also hosts regular Meetups for new parents and family friendly events.

Our final thoughts on Lark Cafe were that every cafe in the city should take notes from this one. Be a welcoming space in your community where families can visit and enjoy!

Find Lark Cafe > 1007 Church Ave Brooklyn NY 11218



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