Mamas Expo Kids’ Activities and Workshops

Mamas Expo 2012 PosterThe 2012 Mamas Expo at the New York Hall of Science in Queens will be taking place on May 5th and there are fun kids’  activities and parent workshops scheduled. 

Kids’ Activities

Marionette Performances of Bessie’s Big Shot
City Parks Foundation’s original PuppetMobile production, Bessie’s Big Shot, follows Bessie the cow’s dream of joining the circus. This variety show cheers Bessie on as she attempts the impossible and searches for her special talents.

Sing and Celebrate Class
Join Sing & Celebrate and explore the fundamentals of music through a wide range of lively activities. This program is sure to keep your little ones tapping and clapping. Come see just how much fun music can be!

Real Brave Audio,
For beginners ages 5 and up. Participants and parents can get insight on how private lessons work, tips and invaluable information that you can only get from Real Brave! Limited seating available.

Talks and Forums for parents

How to Get the Child you Want Without Becoming the Parent You Hate; Ask Dr. G

“If you could wave a magic wand at home, which behaviors would you change?” Parents each have a list, and Dr. G will ensure that each participant leaves with strategies to fix the most pressing issue facing each parent, as well as skills to handle whatever their kids will think of next! Babysitting provided.

Preschool and Kindergarten Alternatives in NYC; an open discussion and forum

Join us in sitting down with experts, teachers, parents, and doctors to discuss what alternatives there are for children entering the school system and what may be right for their family. Babysitting provided.

Birth Day Presence Prenatal Talk
Birth Day Presence, an organization offering prenatal information, will be discussing topics such as  “What is a Doula and Why do you want one?”, “Top 3 Pain Relief Techniques you will learn in Childbirth Class,” and “3 ways to use a birth ball in labor.”

Affordable Childcare in the Big City; The How and How Much of Childcare in NYC
When parents return to work, they may be faced with the demanding task of finding long-term childcare for their children. Chini Perera-Lunemann will discuss how to thoroughly find, screen and interview prospective nannies and caretakers. Babysitting provided.



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