Martin Luther King, Jr Day Events

Like many parents, I believe that teaching our children our country’s history is very important. So, while Monday,  is a vacation day for our kids, we should take this day to also reflect on the legacy of  one our country’s heroes,  Dr. Martin Luther king Jr.

If you feel like your child doesn’t want to sit and listen to you ramble on about history….no worries, there are many local activities that can not only teach your child, but also makes sure your child has fun while learning.


Brooklyn Children’s Museum
This museum, host a “Birthday” weekend every year.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend will feature a variety of classic museum programs created to educate, enrich, enlighten, and entertain while focusing on history, art and culture for all ages.

Perks: All Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. programs are included with the museum admission.
When: Saturday January 14th through January 16th
Where: The Brooklyn Children’s Museum is located at 145 Brooklyn Ave. (at St. Marks Avenue).
Cost: $7.50 per person
Contact: Call (718) 735-4400


26th Annual Brooklyn Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
You can celebrate the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr at BAM. Dennis M. Walcott will be the keynote speaker. They will also have performances by Toshi Reagon and the Institutional Radio Choir. If you are also interested in catching a film, they have a special film screening.
Perks:This awesome event is FREE!
When: Monday January 16th at 10:30am
Where: BAM Howard Gilman Opera House, 30 Lafayette Ave between Ashland Pl and St. Felix St, Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Contact: (718) 636-4100

National Day of Service
As today is a day to reflect on how far our country has come, and how much of an impact that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had in the fight for equal rights, we ask that you try to commit to help your community. Even if you or your kids are not interested in getting involved in any of these day activities, you can still do something positive, and educational in your neighborhood, like donate a coat, teach someone to read, or go to your local shelter and feed the homeless.

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