Review: Mount Sinai Medical Center in Brooklyn Heights

Local mom gets a peak at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Brooklyn Heights and gives you her thoughts.

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I’ve always been underwhelmed by the way our society administers healthcare. Nope, not talking about the political aspect, but the organizational side, you know the side where medical centers are sorely lacking the use of technology? How about the time suck we endure visiting different specialists, at different locations, with doctors unwilling to share information?

The very smart and forward-thinking staff of Mount Sinai obviously must have felt the same way. I was given a your of their facilities and new medical center in Brooklyn Heights, called Mount Sinai Doctors in Brooklyn Heights. Mount Sinai boasts a “new standard of collaborative healthcare”, but what does that mean? Mount Sinai is literally “one-stop shopping” for medical care, from a primary care to urgent care to specialists all in one building within your neighborhood.

Here’s the coolest part, all medical records patient charts, diagnosis, x-rays are only accessed via digital systems. You won’t find endless rows of chart binders stuffed with multiple copies of multi-colored carbon-less sheets, wads of three-holed printer paper, or (gasp!) dot matrix printed labels. Just think, no more wailing on staff to walk x-ray results to your physician, now the results are accessed digitally. Besides convenience, there are significant health benefits to be recognized here (fewer medication mix-ups, test result misreadings, etc).

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Mount Sinai Doctors in Brooklyn Heights also delivers health to the visual senses via the beautiful interior design. Their “spa-approach” takes the sting out of clinical settings, and made me feel at ease.  There is a liberal use of warm natural colors, contrasting with light neutral textured walls, well-placed lighting, and the art featured are engaging images found in nature. The waiting areas are well-organized with plenty of room for strollers and wheelchairs. Smart choices went into the waiting area chair selection, as some are one-and a half the normal size, which means no squeezing into a single seat when soothing your sick child.

The pediatric areas have the same natural vibe with punches of tasteful primary colors. The floors of the Pediatric center are painted blue/red striped that mirrors foot traffic design found in many schools. These are all very clever finishes to ease your child’s visit with their doctor.

I was impressed with the sensitive planning that went into the design of the oncology suite (which I hope with every fiber of my being, you and yours will never need to visit). The suite offers breathtaking and inspiring triangular views to Lower, East and West Sides of Manhattan. The crown jewel of Mount Sinai Doctors however, is the Urgent Care Center that is available without an appointment for prompt care of non-emergencies (rashes, sprains, flu). It is open from 9 am to 9 pm on weekdays, and 9 am to 5 pm on weekends. Don’t expect to wait long, the center prides itself on very quick, super expedient patient triage.

The Details:

Find Mount Sinai Doctors Brooklyn Heights > 300 Cadman Plaza West on the 17th and 18th Floors

Virtual tours of the facility are available here or visit their website for more information. Most major insurance is accepted by all doctors, as well as Health First Insurance.


Review provided by Alison Kase
Photos Provided by the Mount Sinai Virtual Tour

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