Parents and Babies Matinees at Nighthawk Cinemas

by LaTonya Staubs

The first time I heard about Parents and Babies Matinees, I was quite excited. Then I thought about the unlikely possibility that my little would be quiet, and that I probably would be kicked out of the theater because of an unexpected tantrum, that thought alone made me second guess my attendance. After reading online posts about the excitement in other parents and the comforting words from the event coordinator, I once again was eager to attend.

Fellow momma, Bob Bland heads up this weekly event. Originally, the Parents and Babies Matinees were held at UA Court Street Theater. but most recently, they have found another home  at Nighthawk Cinemas located at 136 Metropolitan Avenue.

It’s hard enough finding a reliable, trustworthy, and affordable babysitter for date night, so, why not bring the little one along and make it a day date to the movies?

As a new mom herself, Bob, knows how important it is for parents to still have fun, but more importantly, be able to have fun with their babies! Though there are enough babies to make a semi-large daycare in attendance, you can still enjoy seeing, and hearing, the movie while it’s playing. You’ll often find little ones, crawling and playing in the well-lit aisles. The comfort level is definitely turned on high. Moms are encouraged to bring a Boppy pillow, for naps. Bob says “people should feel totally welcome to nurse, bottle feed or feed their babies outside food during the show.” There is a bench for diaper changes in the bathroom, and if attendance rises, Nighthawk Theater will install a changing table. For those of us on a budget, no worries, most of the matinees are only $11, and all the food, and beer, is half price! So bring your baby, your partner, or even a good friend and enjoy a new or current movie in this relaxing and comforting environment!

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Where: Nitehawk Cinemas
136 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York





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