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PuppetsburgLooking for a puppet show or theater experience to expose your child to, but worried they are still too young? Puppetsburg was designed just for you and them! It is a unique puppet show created with babies & toddlers in mind. We all know young children are wiggly  and not ready to sit in their seats as mere spectators. Puppetsburg is interactive so children can move about freely participating in the whole experience! Even better the show changes weekly so you can keep going back for more!

The one hour show starts with the children gathering in the middle of the room to play with toys. This icebreaker activity helps toPuppetsburg familiarize them with each other and the new place. There is a series of warm-up songs introduced by puppets (e.g. a chicken laying shaky eggs followed by a song with egg shakers) bubble time and a story acted out by puppets. Other activities may include parachute time, introducing Bunny in the Carrot Car to teach a lesson, or solving a mystery. The songs, activities and storyline all vary on a weekly basis.

When we visited the show, the storyline was that Clementine the Puppet became slowing consumed by technology! She used her iPod, watched a “chick flick” and  then went on Facebook.  During all this, she missed out on several play dates with her friends. The kids are able to touch and say hello to the puppets at certain points of the show. The babies and toddlers were enthusiastic and engaged throughout out the show and  really loved being a part of it all!

The majority of the shows have two actors using puppets to act out a conflict between characters, however, this one was a one woman show. In conversations with Sarah Todes,  the founder and actor that day, we both agreed that the storyline is much more pronounced with two performers. Sarah welcomed feedback and questions about the show and was present to take photos with the puppets and chat with the parents!

What else is so special and unique about Puppetsburg? The show uses locally crafted puppets to promote social skills, environmental and safety awareness in their storylines. The kids get to know these original puppet characters, created by artist Lauren Maul of Park Slope. One of the puppets, Piggy B, is a hipster pig with oversized glasses & an “over it” look on his face!

The Founder Sarah Todes started her own company Puppetsburg last November. The show brought local artists together to create an edgy, highly contemporary puppet show for the littlest of audiences. Sarah’s vision was to make kids entertainment hip for the new generation of open-minded parents that she encounters in Brooklyn everyday. We think Sarah and her team are doing just that! We are looking forward to participating in another show soon with our wee ones!

Two Locations:

The Greenpoint Reformed Church, 136 Milton St. Brooklyn, NY 11222
When: Tuesdays 3:30 pm, Sundays 12:30 pm
Cost: $16 per child or $14 for each sibling cash only. Parents or guardians are free with the purchase of a children’s ticket.

Play, 33 Nassau Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222; 718) 387-2071
When: Thursdays 11am, 12:30 pm
Cost: $25 & includes UNLIMITED ACCESS to Play’s incredible facility! Parents or guardians are free with the purchase of a children’s ticket.

For more information visit: puppetsburg.blogspot.com







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