Toddler Behavior Podcast Part 1: The Picky Eater

The Ask Dr. G podcast series is kicking off here at Brooklyn Mamas and we are happy to welcome Dr. Deborah Gilboa to our network of awesome mamas. She is a board certified Family Physician and a Clinical Assistant Professor at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, oh and she also gives the best parenting advice I have ever heard. She is a mom to FOUR boys, a doctor, and a super cool chick who will answer all of your parenting problems and issues right here for free!  Feel free to call 888-9-ASK-DR-G or email any time you like.

This Mama’s toddler used to eat everything and now they are refusing food.  She is worried that her toddler is not getting the right nutrition.  How do you get your toddler to try new foods? Why do they eat the same foods over and over? Dr. G has the answer.

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