ReelAbilities Film Festival

If you, or anyone you love, lives with any form of disability then the 4th Annual ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival is a must see event! It begins today February 9th – February 14th, 2012. Through film, ReelAbilities explores, discuss, embraces, and celebrates the diversity of our shared human experience.


Presented by various arts, culture, educational and community venues, the festival will showcase narrative, documentary and short films from across the globe, followed by intimate conversations and in-depth discussions with filmmakers and special
guests.  In addition to the selection of films; live music, dance performances, art exhibitions and other special events are
major components of the ReelAbilities experience.

The NY festival will open with OCEAN HEAVEN starring Jet Li in his first dramatic role, telling the moving story of a father’s tireless love for his autistic son and his attempt to teach his son the life skills necessary to surviving on his own.

The festival’s closing night event will feature a screening of MUSICAL CHAIRS followed by a closing night reception and dance party. The film follows two New Yorkers, Armando from the Bronx, and Mia from the East Side, and their love of
ballroom dancing. A tragic accident changes Mia’s life. True to his heart, Armando dedicates himself, along with a group of colorful misfits, to help Mia deal with her challenges and dance once more.

The festival is a five borough affair with films screening in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island, as well as Long Island and Westchester.

Some more films to be featured in the festival include:


an amazing story of three young Mozambicans with physical disabilities, who work to help others in their community. Their daily lives reveal how they see themselves, raising questions on self-acceptance and how to find one’s place in society.


The vibrant lives of five women with disabilities on their journey to the Ms. Wheelchair America pageant, where the concept of beauty is defined through the lens of advocacy & perseverance.


Evan, a young man with Down Syndrome, lives with his mother in a working-class town hit hard by the recent economic recession. When he unexpectedly comes into a large amount of money, Evan uses it to romantically pursue Candy, a girl he
has loved since high school.


A coming-of-age drama about a family that struggles to keep up appearances while hiding their sins from one another. When the eldest son, who has autism, returns from an institution, the pressure builds and secrets begin to emerge.


A cinematic road trip follows a deaf couple and their young nephew on their way to Tehran. Before they get there, the couple must break the bad news to the boy that his parents were killed in an accident but the journey proves to be more complex than they had expected.


Based on real-life events, the amazing and musical story of Anna Lappalainen who spent 50 years of her life as a patient at a psychiatric hospital, where her lovable personality healed and brought joy to those around her and where she claimed to be a princess.

Full information about the festival, locations, films, special events, and guests is available at


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