New Parenting Magazine Set to Launch in New York City in August

OFFSPRiiNG-COVEROFFSPRiiNG Magazine will hit the streets of NYC and offer readers a fresh look at parenting. 

OFFSPRiiNG Magazine is a new monthly publication for parents that will hit the streets of NYC in August. The magazine will depart from the standard “advice” of other parenting publications by giving readers a fresh look at parenting. OFFSPRiiNG Magazine will celebrate parents and children by offering a more refined and simple approach to life with kids. The magazine will showcase local photographers, artists, designers, writers, children, and parents offering a deeper look into local communities. Featured in the first issue will be a look at school supplies inspired by Brooklyn based artists, carefully curated fashion and product recommendations, good news for parents, inspiring events, and a peak inside art studios that will appeal to both children and parents alike.

The inspiration behind OFFSPRiiNG came from the creators of the Mamas Network websites in an effort to offer a more robust array of parenting articles to readers.  “Parents would like to read about more than just what to do with their children.  They are adults first and foremost who want to be inspired. Many publications forget that fact.  Offspriing gives them the best of both.” says editor Maria Smilios.

OFFSPRiiNG Magazine is set to launch on August 1st with distribution at local businesses and cultural institutions around New York City and is free of cost. To find an OFFSPRiiNG near you click here. 


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