The Quest to Find the Perfect Toy

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I look at the beautiful mess of toys spread out on our living room floor, and a single familiar feeling begins to rise from within. An affliction affecting millions of parents, grandparents and really awesome aunts and uncles across the country, perhaps even the entire world?!

Not. Another. Toy. Dread-itis.

My toddler’s 3rd birthday is coming up and I ask myself, do I really need to add to this utter disarray? What could possibly convince me to make that purchase? To add to our dysfunctional family of wooden blocks, racecars and dust collecting stuffed animals? Obviously, the solution would be to find the ultimate perfect toy.

The perfect toy should have these qualities:


This thing should survive being stepped on by Daddy, live through the Great Flood and direct sunlight!

Fun for DS, DD, Mommy, Daddy…

The toy should be fun across multiple age groups.  It encourages Baby Johnny and Great Aunt Marge playing together willingly.

Rules schmules

The perfect toy would have more than one way to play it. Play is always more fun when you get to make up your own games.

Sometimes mommy needs a break

Really, this thing should playable for more than an episode on Netflix. At the least be playable for more than 20 minutes!

Batteries not included
Doesn’t it drive you nuts to replace those batteries after just one session of play?? Toys should not stop being fun when you run out of juice.

The search to find the perfect toy feels like a never-ending quest, but enjoy it while they are young. Who knows, it might even be one of the things you will miss about their childhood.

So, what’s your perfect toy?

By Erna Barenio, Head Mommy at

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