Fun At-Home Activities on Thanksgiving Day

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by Maytal Wichman

Got loads of dishes to cook this Thanksgiving Day and even more kids to watch? Here are some ideas to keep them occupied and let you cook in peace:

1. Start a new tradition of a contest for making a turkeys out of play-dough. (Of course, everybody wins and all the turkeys will be displayed at the center of the Thanksgiving table).

2. Let your kids release some energy by playing football outside or raking leaves.

3. Spread a paper tablecloth on the dining table (instead of the one you’re planning on using for the diner) and have the kids scribble all over it with crayons. When they’re done just put the holiday tablecloth on top (or instead).

4. Have one of the older children or one of the adults supervise the kids as they make some Thanksgiving crafts.

5. If your family likes watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV – give your children some paper and crayons have them draw the balloons and they go by.


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